Davis® Attention Mastery provides effective tools to help adults and children age 8 and over to address attention, behavioral, or organizational difficulties.

Davis Attention Mastery Program

About the Attention Mastery program:

Through working one-on-one with a Davis Facilitator, during The Davis® Attention Mastery for ADD/ADHD adults and children gain new abilities:

  • To recognize and clear up distorted perceptions.
  • To use simple mental tools to focus, relax, and control and monitor energy levels.
  • To master and internalize concepts that will help them with social interactions and attention issues. These concepts include self, change, consequence, before, after, cause, effect, time, sequence, and order vs. disorder.
  • To apply these concepts in real-life situations

A Drug-Free Approach:

The Davis® Attention Mastery for ADD/ADHD gives individuals the tools to control their attention focus and energy level without reliance on drugs or nutritional supplements. These simple mental techniques can be learned quickly, without reliance on specialized equipment or gimmicks.

These techniques include:

  • Davis Orientation or Alignment: A simple approach which stabilizes and harmonizes an individual’s perceptions, including the perception of the passage of time.
  • Davis Dial Setting: Provides individuals of all ages with enhanced awareness and ability to self-regulate energy levels.
  • Davis Release: A simple and easy tool for relaxation and stress-reduction.


Conceptual Understanding:

Individuals who are labeled or diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD or ADHD) tend to be highly imaginative and creative thinkers. Often they have difficulty harnessing their ideas and translating thought to action. They know what they want to accomplish, but struggle when it comes to completing tasks and establishing organization in their lives.

Davis Concept Mastery is a system of guided modeling of concepts, which enables individuals to develop personal insight and understanding into their self-created barriers through exploring concepts such as consequenceorder, and responsibility.

Which Program?

Young children diagnosed with ADHD often have significant academic and learning barriers, particularly with reading skills and reading comprehension. The Davis tools for attention regulation are part of every Davis program. Because academic difficulties often are at the heart of behavior problems and the inability to sustain focus in a classroom setting, in some cases it is better for children to start with a Davis Dyslexia Correction program. In many cases, the behavior issues that gave rise to an ADHD diagnosis will dissipate when the child gains the ability to read and understand print.

Adults and teenagers who are frustrated because of poor organizational skills, difficulty completing projects, or time management may choose to begin with the Davis® Attention Mastery for ADD/ADHD approach.

A licensed Davis Facilitator can help each individual determine which program will provide the best start.

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